God’s Word Written in the Stars: His Redemption Plan is Visible to All


Gazing up at the stars on a clear night, we are in awe of their beauty. But did you know that God “speaks” to us from their depths? The Creator personally named each star and constellation (Isaiah 40:26) and placed them in the night sky to tell us the story of His plan for mankind. Our loving God knew that although He would give man choices, we would not always make good ones. So He laid out a plan to redeem His creation, and spread it across the starry sky. This book will explain the star names and meanings as they present themselves each night, and how the constellations unfold from month to month. “The heavens declare the glory of God…and night unto night reveals knowledge.”(Psalm 19:1-4) Begin to discover how God communicated His love and plan for man, and how God’s word was written into the stars. This book is not about Astrology. It is Biblical Astronomy. This book shows how God, the Creator placed His message of grace to redeem humanity into the names He gave to the stars in heaven. Before the Bible was written, He placed His gospel message into the night sky for all to see.

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